Bieszczady bears have woken up

Bieszczady bears have awakened

An encounter with a bear awakened from sleep can end fatally. Although no track has been observedów on hiking trails, foresters urge caution. Don’t stray from the trail, lest you accidentally find yourself in the vicinity of a rookery. Bears can inflict serious wounds and even kill.

– Every year there are such encounters, with którich people usually come out with injuries – said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency Edward Marszalek spokesman for the Regional Directorate of Forestryóin the State Forests in Krosno.

Awakened bears are hungry and looking for food. – Near Lopienka, foresters observed two adult specimens. In the Chryszczata massif, on the other hand, bears have been seen peeking at bison feedersów – enumerated Edward Marszalek.

Bieszczady bears make up 90 percent of the. Polish population. There are about 200 of them. Their numbers are steadily increasing, although in the early 1970s. In the Bieszczady Mountains, there were only 20 such individualsów. It should be remembered that these animals are among the most dangerous predatorsóin our continent. An adult bear can weigh up to 300 kilogramsów. An encounter with such an individual can end tragically.

This winter not all bears went to sleep. Below are the footage from the photobooths and photos of the forestersów of the Baligr Forestry Divisionód and Cisna Forest District.