Hangover cure developed by Warsaw Medical University researcher

A hangover cure developed by a researcher at Warsaw Medical University

Hangover cure? Information about the miraculous preparation recurs in the media from time to time. However, despite many announcements, nothing concrete has happened. No effective product has appeared on the market, and ból head is still the same. But this time it is to be different.

Dr. Koziak miraculous substance discovered by accident. Her interests as a biologist centered around theół comórek in blood vessels. While working on vascular drugs, she noticed that one of the compounds she was studyingów can act on the ethanol breakdown pathway.

– The hangover effect is the result of acetaldehyde in the body, whichóry is formed by the action of ethanol in the liver. There are substances in my formulation thatóre speed up metabolism, so it is removed from the body faster – explained Dr. Koziak in an interview with INN:Poland. The researcher added that the product she developed increases the efficiency of enzymeóIn degrading ethanol by 100 percent.

Hangover cure has a good chance of coming to market soon. It is due to the interest in the topic of the British spóLSBC’s lace, whichóra has seen an opportunity in the commercialization of the invention. This is all thanks to the BRIdge Mentor program run by the National Center for Research and Development, whichóry supports the commercialization of the resultóIn the research and development work of selected projectsów.

Currently spóLSBC has been conducting consumer tests of the product. Napój, because in this form the hangover drug is to hit the market, is to have the status of a dietary supplement. This means that extremely expensive clinical tests are not required. And for the consumer, it will be convenient in that the formulation will be available in stores and there will be no need to go to the pharmacy to get it.

What is a hangover?

To cope with the penetrating bólemons of headaches and other ailments, one must first learn what a hangover really is.

Its first symptoms occur just hours after the last drink. In addition to bólem head to the characteristic symptoms ofóhangover includes dry mouth and increased thirst, hypersensitivity to light and noise, ogólne malaise. Sometimes vomiting can also happen.

Only a small portion of the alcohol consumed is excreted in the urine. The rest is metabolized headównie in the liver. Alcohol dehydrogenase is responsible, która turns ethanol into acetaldehyde. This one is up to 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself. Next comes another group of enzymeów – aldehyde dehydrogenase, która oxidizes acetaldehyde to form acetic acid.

Original ways to deal with a hangover

Alcohol has been known to mankind for at least 5,000 years. Over this time, countless ways have been created toóIn dealing with the effects of the previous day’s activities.

According to the ancient Greeksóin helped by wearing a necklace made of Alexandrian laurel leaves. The Romans, on the other hand, believed that the best for a hangover was fried canard.

Around the same time, the Chinese the other day were enjoying herbal tea, whichóra, as it turned out after studies wspómodern scientistsów, contained dihydromyricetin, and this one counteracts alcohol intoxication and relieves withdrawal symptoms.

One of the most interesting waysóin the fight against hangovers was used in the Middle Ages in Sicily. The mixologists there were in the habit of chewing dried bull penis after a party. Unfortunately, there are no surviving reports proving the effectiveness of this method.

The toughs of the Wild West, on the other hand, ate the feces of królika. In our area, ancestors for centuriesów applied the principle of „What you choked on, you heal with”, która still has its adherents todayów