Ocean depths polluted to a surprising degree

Ocean depths polluted to a surprising degree

Researchers from Newcastle University, while collecting small crustaceans for research purposesóin shrimp-like creatures called amphipods (Amphipoda), they encountered unusually high levels of pollution. The astonishment was magnified by the fact that the discovery was made in the vicinity of twoóch deepest ditchesóin the oceanic – Kermadec Trench and the Mariana Trench, whichóhe depths of which exceed 10 kilometersów. Ocean pollutionów is increasing.

The collected próbki crustaceanów contained extremely high levels of toxic chemicalsów. Researchers have even found that the level of contamination is poróThe food chain is the most polluted places on the planet. The intensity of polychlorinated biphenylsóin the próbki crustaceansóin collected near the Mariana Trench were 50 times higher than the concentration of these compoundsów u crabóInhabiting the estuary of the Liao He – One of the most polluted rivers in China.

– We still think that the deep ocean is a remote and pristine land, safe from human influence. Our research unfortunately shows that this may be very far from the truth – said Alan Jamieson, a member of a team of researchers at the British university. – In fact, the level of pollution we found in the próbkach obunogóin can be cfówn only to the contamination found in Suruga Bay, one of the most polluted areas of theóIn industrial on póNorth Pacific. Unfortunately, we don’t know what this means for undersea ecosystemsów. Understanding this will be the next big challenge – added.

However, polychlorinated biphenyls are only part of the toxic substances found in the deep. The researchers also isolated polybrominated diphenyl ethers, róThe drone can carry a variety of pesticides and the so-called “pesticides”. persistent organic pollutants compounds – POPs). These are organic chemicals thatóre widely distributed in the environment and remain unchanged for a long time. They accumulate in the fatty tissues of living organismsów and are poisonous to them.

The above toxins were located zaróin both the Kermadec Trench and the Mariana Trench. The two are separated by nearly seven thousand. kilometerów. Toxins accumulated in crustaceans make their way further in góhand of the food chain.

– Ocean pollutionów is huge. We are surprised by the levels of toxins we have discovered. This is not a legacy, które we would like to leave behind – stressed Jamieson.

The contamination of the deep was reported last year by the US National Oceanic and Meteorological Service (NOAA). Its employees reported finding beer cans, food cans, pieces ofóin the ropes and plastic adsówek.

The results of the work of British scientistsóin have been published on the „Nature Ecology and Evolution”