Previously unknown microbes trapped in crystal have been discovered

Previously unknown microorganisms trapped in crystal have been discovered

The news of the find was reported at the annual international conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This was reported by Penelope Boston of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute. Bizarre, ancient microorganisms trapped in crystal have been found in a silver, lead and zinc mine in Naica.

– Here is super life – Boston said while presenting the find. She added that this is another example of how life can survive in extreme conditions.

The caves where the strange microbes were found are known for the huge crystals thereów. SomeóThe oldest traces of life on Earth have been discoveredów. However, there are very difficult conditions. Boston team members worked in the caves where the microbes were found for only 20 minutes each, after which they had to go to a cooler part of the caves, where the temperature is only 38 degrees Celsius. Celsius. For this they wore suits so as not to carry wspóThe modern microbesów to the environment in the caves. The suits had bags of ice attached to them.

About 100 r found in cavesót h e t y p e sóin the microorganismów, with których most of which were previously unknown to science. Unknown to us, microorganisms remain trapped in crystals for 10,000 to 50,000 years. Boston admitted that the newly discovered life forms are very unusual. Their closest known relatives are genetically distinct by 10 percent. – This is such a ródifference, as between humans and fungi – explained the astrobiologist.

The microorganisms found most likely adapted to a diet consisting of sulfitesów, manganese and copper oxide. Dormant in the crystal, they were awakened in the laboratory and carefully examined. The first studies on the subject should appear wkrótce.

The discovery made by the teamół Boston shows that life can survive under the most surprising conditions. Extremophiles found offer hope for finding life beyond Earth. However, Boston also notes another threat. NASA sterilizes every vehicle sent into space, but for such organismsów may not be enough. It may be the case that extremely hardy terrestrial microbes can be carried to another planet. What’s worse, this could also happen in the eventual subróry back.