Russian preparation delaying the aging process

Russian preparation to delay the aging process

Humanity’s eternal dream to enjoy eternal youth has a chance to come true. Russian and Swedish researchers have developed a compound called SkQ1, whichóry successfully inhibited the aging process in mice. Human clinical trials are currently underway.

The preparation is likely to be on the market in about two to three years. It was developed by Vladimir Skulachev, whoóry since the 1970s. The last century is working on the preparation of opóSOURCING the aging process. In the development of the preparation swój specialists from the University of Stockholm and the Moscow State University im. M.W. Lomonosov. The miracle elixir of youth is actually an antioxidant that inhibits mutation in mitochondria. It protects the comórki against reactive oxygen species.

SkQ1 was successfully tested on mice. Swedish scientists provided genetically modified mice for the experiment, które live by half króc than ordinary rodents. The mice were divided into two groups. The first one was fed SkQ1 in water, while the second one drank water without additivesów.

RóThe differences began to be observed after 100 days of the experiment. Rodents, whichóre drank plain water began to lose weight, go bald, had lower body temperature, osteoporosis appeared, manifested significantly less physical activity and oxygen consumption. Oestrus disturbances have also been observed in females.

In mice, które were watered with SkQ1, the above aging problems occurred póThe nearer and in a much milder form or did not occur at all.

SkQ1 is an ingredient in an eye drop called Visomitin, które already available on the Russian market. Visomitin drops are currently undergoing registration in the US. Oral preparations containing SkQ1 will also soon be on the market.