Shoveling snow risks a heart attack

Shoveling snow puts you at risk of heart attack

The conclusions drawn by the researchersów are puzzling. After all, physical activity has a beneficial effect on the heart. But the analysis clearly shows that the infarctionóin heart most often occur when there is heavy snowfall. The vast majority of cases ofóin regards to men. Researchers have associated this with the need to clear snow from the drivewayów.

Shoveling snow puts a heavy strain on legs as well as hands. On top of that, the work is done in harsh weather conditions. We then inhale large amounts of cold air. On top of that, blood pressure rises. For waspsób with coronary heart disease can end up in the hospital.

According to an analysis based on data from the University Hospital of Montreal, it follows that during heavy precipitationóin the snow is more likely to have a heart attacków. The hospital records about 16 percent on such days. more waspsób with heart attack.

60 percent. these casesów are men. It was also observed that more attacksóin the heart occurs on the day of the fallóin snow, but also on the following day. Statistics show róAlso that these days by 34 percent. heart attacks are more likely to end in death.

– Men are more likely to pick up a shovel and shovel snow than women. Specificólnie after heavy snowfall. Shoveling snow is a demanding activity. Heart rate increases with it, especially at high loads – explained Dr. Nathalie Auger, author of the analysis.

For the study, 128,073 causes of hospitalization were analyzed. The data came from 1981-2014.