The first smart denim jacket

First smart denim jacket

The apparel giant has teamed up with Google engineers and thusób the first smart denim jacket has been created – Commuter Trucker Jacket. Conductive fiber has been sewn into the fabric of the jacketókna, whichóre can connect to personal electronics. In addition, a Bluetooth module was sewn into the left cuff of the jacket.

Smart jacket allows control of electronic devices. It uses Jacquard technology. It’s a technique that combines metallic alloys with materials thatórich clothing is produced – cotton, silk or polyester.

The left sleeve of the jacket acts as a control panel. Conductive włóThe knaves sewn into the jacket can recognize simple gestures – much like the touchscreen on a smartphone.

At the current stage of development, it is possible to use the jacket to control navigation, play music or receive phone calls. However, the manufacturer promises to enhance the Commuter Trucker Jacket with additional functionality over time. As befits a solution from Google, the jacket is aided by an app to configure the gestureów.

– Technology is becoming a similar element of clothing design as the zipper once was – Ivan Poupyrev of ATAP said.

The jacket’s battery allows you to use the jacket for two days. Products from both brands are not cheap. The smart jacket won’t be the cheapest either. Its price is expected to be in the neighborhood of $350ów. As announced by the manufacturer, zar will be availableóboth women’s and men’s versions of smart clothing.

The product is expected to hit the market later this year and is expected to pave the way for more smart productsóin clothing.