This is what the victims of diseases that were eliminated by vaccination looked like

This is what the victims of diseases eliminated by vaccination looked like

With the effectiveness of vaccinations there is nothing to discuss. However, there are still people who do not believe it. BuuzFeed service decided to remind the undecided what the victims of diseases made history before they died, thanks to vaccinations.

Infectious diseases have accompanied mankind for thousands of years. Over the course of a centuryów caused the death of a millionów osób. But it is thanks to vaccination that epidemics decimating the population no longer occur. The BuzzFeed website has prepared an interesting video showing what the affected people struggled with, on które vaccines are available.

It used to be normal to see infected, barely alive people. Rozwój medicine over the past hundred years has led to the elimination of someóSome dangerous diseasesób, whichóre decimated the population. And this happened thanks to vaccines.

The film is intended to encourage parentsów to vaccinate their children, but also adults to get regular vaccinations. It is true that this is a rather specific motivation, but perhaps some osób will succeed in convincing by showing what long-forgotten diseases really look like, whichóre have passed into history thanks to vaccination.

The anti-vaccine movement is based on falsified research, for whichóre corresponds to Andrew Wakefield. He published in 1998 in the pages of a „The Lancet” research suggesting an alleged link between vaccinations and the incidence of autism and intestinal disease. The publication was withdrawn and the author was banned from the profession and reprimanded. However, the belief that vaccines are harmful remains. The whole matter in an accessible comic form can be seen stopSTOPNOP.

Vaccinations can have side effects, it’s true. But abandoning vaccination could have far worse consequences. Currently, 50,000 people die each year in the USób because they were infected with a disease for which theyóthey could have been vaccinated.