US has declassified hundreds of nuclear test recordings

US has declassified hundreds of recordings of nuclear tests

Since the development of nuclear weapons in 1945 until today, nearly 2,500 test explosions have been performed. The overwhelming majority should be credited to Stanóin the United States and the Soviet Union. But the British, Chinese, French, Indians and Pakistanis also conducted their tests. In recent years, Kim Dong Un’s regime has joined the ranks.

Over the years, recordings of the testóin nuclear weapons made by the U.S. armies lay in a tightly sealed safe. Now the government of the Stateóin the United States decided to disclose 750 sposród thousand filmów. Some of them have already been posted on You Tube.

Greg Spriggs’ design

Nuclear weapons testing has taken place zaróboth on the surface, in the atmosphere and also in the oceans. The tests were recorded from all possible anglesów and with rótional distancesów.

For the past five years, Greg Spriggs of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), along with a team of expertsów filmmakers, archivistsów and programmersóIn computer scanned, analyzed and digitized recordings that had been concealed from the public for many years. All this is done in order to preserve the materials, damaged by the teeth of time, with whichóre were recorded on traditional film and które could be lost forever.

– Recorded testóin nuclear weapons are in a deplorable state and are in danger of being lost irretrievably. They have been captured on old tapes, które currently in the decay phase. Our goal is to keep this data – Spriggs said. The digitization process will probably take a few more years. Spriggs stressed that the methods thatóThe recordings were analyzed with the help ofótko after they were made, they are nowhere near today’s computer-aided models. For this someóre the results of the testów were inaccurate. Therefore, it is necessary to reanalyze them.

The publication of the recordings, in addition to saving them from destruction, is intended to provide scientists with data thatóThe government, using modern equipment, will once again make a precise analysis of them. – The legacy I would like to leave behind is a set of data porównawczych, które can be useful to researchers. Together with the team, we hope that never again in history will we have to use nuclear weapons. If we show the immense power of these weapons and what havoc they can wreak, perhaps people will not be inclined to use them again – assessed the physicist.

Nuclear arsenal

Currently, according to official figures, the United States possesses nuclear weapons – about 7200 warheads, Russia – about 7,500 warheads, France – about 300 warheads, the UK – about 215 heads, China – More than 250 warheads, India – About 100 warheads, Pakistan – About 100 warheads. In recent years, also Korea PóNorth has developed a nuclear program of. Kim Dong Un’s regime is estimated to have about 6 warheads. Israel should also be included in this group, który officially does not have nuclear weapons, but unofficially it may have as many as 200 such missiles in its arsenalów.

It should be noted that the above estimates of the number of nuclear warheads in the possession of eachólnternational states have decreased significantly. Back in the mid-1980s. The Soviets had nearly 40,000 nuclear warheads at their disposal. In the past, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and South Africa also possessed nuclear weapons.

The recordings of the testów

The materials made public through Spriggs’ work can be seen on You Tube. Admittedly, little can be seen on some of the footage, but the material undoubtedly presents considerable value. First of all, it shows the gigantic power that is released when such a charge explodes.

Below krótka animation showing the time and place of detonation of all the chargesóin nuclear weapons since 1945. And here are some of what we think are the most interesting detonation recordings declassified by the US government.